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LALEC (Lar Amor, Luz e Esperança da Criança)

In a perfect world, all children would be born to a family who can nurture them with an abundance of love and plentiful resources. But in reality, children fall victim to abuse, neglect, and abandonment for a variety of reasons at no fault of their own. In São Paulo, Brazil, a small organization called LALEC (Lar Amor Luz e Esperança da Criança) has opened its doors to accept these vulnerable children and to provide them with the care they deserve as social workers and adoption agencies work to solidify their future. While the majority of the children are adopted within Brazil by new families or by relatives, almost half of the children are returned to their biological families if and only when they can prove a healthy familial environment awaits them. 

Since opening its doors in 1999, LALEC has served the needs of almost 400 children ranging from newborns to young adults. They depend on the generosity of donors to help meet their goals of housing, feeding, clothing, and caring for the children by qualified staff members. Rimini Street is humbled by the opportunity to help with the purchasing of baby baskets, mattresses, and essentials such as baby formula, and volunteering our time on site with our beautification/clean-up efforts. We wish each LALEC child a bright and beautiful future as all our children around the world deserve!

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