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Kadima Youth Center

While serving the homeless and financially burdened adults of Israel, the staff and volunteers of Lasova Soup Kitchen were shocked to see the great number of children and young adults who were also coming in droves to access a healthy meal on a daily basis. Kadima Youth Center formed as an after-school resource center that provides meals, tutoring, mentoring, and friendship to help forge a healthy future for at-risk children across 21 locations in Israel. The guidance and love they instill in each child who come from poor living conditions, displaced families, or abusive home situations, is the salve they need to mend their hurting hearts and grow into strong, capable adults.

Rimini Street's Team Israel participated in the beautification project of the Lod Center which serves hundreds of children and young adults on a weekly basis. This recently expanded facility was in dire need of a refresh as it is a second, and sometimes the only form of home for the children who frequent the center. We prepared all the materials in advance for our special day and spent a couple of hours cleaning, repainting, and accessorizing as directed by the Project Manager. Soon after, the local students who came to the center after school joined in on the party! We had so much fun connecting with the smiling children who were grateful for our part in making the Lod Center shine and we enjoyed our time spent with them immensely. Though our toys, electronics and financial donations were appreciated, nothing came close to the gifts we received in return - the biggest hugs and warmest thanks from the precious children of Kadima Youth Center! 

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