Rimini Street Guides Clients Successfully Through Daylight Saving Time Changes


Each Client Receives Customized Step-by-Step Instructions and Support for Their Unique Environment

LAS VEGAS, March 9, 2007 - Rimini Street, Inc., the leading independent maintenance and support provider for Siebel, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards (NASDAQ: ORCL) software, today announced that it has delivered a personalized Daylight Saving Time (DST) remediation program to each client and has worked proactively with clients over the past weeks to assure that each organization successfully navigates the DST changes that become effective March 11, 2007.

In order to assure that each client has the exact information they need without having to spend hours and hours sorting through irrelevant technical information, each client's personalized DST remediation program is customized with step-by-step instructions and guidance for their unique environment. The comprehensive program is designed to ensure each client has a smooth system and business transition to the new North American DST schedule by identifying risks and solutions at each level of their system environment. Rimini Street engineers have also prepared to help its clients in the event the US Congress decides to revert to the previous DST schedule as reserved for future decision in the US Energy Act of 2005.

Reminiscent of Year 2000 (Y2K) challenges, DST changes may require updates in several technology layers, including operating system, database, web server, application server, application technology foundation, and application-specific configurations and code.

"Rimini Street is the only service provider to give us excellent personalized service and to provide significant annual support cost savings. In this case, providing detailed plans and action items so we are able to properly prepare for the upcoming DST schedule changes eliminates the headaches anticipated with this event," said Sally Dahl, vice-president of customer and seller operations for "Rimini Street's expert staff of support engineers continues to work closely with us to ensure overall success, from creating an integrated plan addressing our specific environment to supporting us through the update process."

As part of the US Energy Act of 2005, Daylight Saving Time is being extended by approximately four weeks starting in 2007, with DST beginning on the second Sunday of March 2007 instead of the first Sunday of April, and extending by one additional week during the last week of October.

"Properly preparing systems for compliance, regulatory, and legislative changes requires a holistic approach, rather than addressing just one component of the application architecture," said Seth Ravin, president and CEO of Rimini Street. Ravin, a former PeopleSoft, Inc. executive whose responsibilities included worldwide support policy and strategic support programs, helped more than 4,000 enterprise software licensees around the world successfully navigate Y2K. "Rimini Street's personalized DST compliance program is another example of how Rimini Street's support engineers work closely with our clients to assure success in keeping their current software releases operating smoothly for up to ten years or longer with a higher level of support, no required upgrades, and more than 50 percent in annual cost savings. Rimini Street's sole mission as an independent, vendor-neutral partner is to provide outstanding, high-value support and service to our clients."

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