Rimini Street verspricht halbe Kosten für die Softwarewartung


Gebühren für den Software-Support sind für Anwender ein ständiges Ärgernis: Sie treiben die Software-Gesamtkosten auf ein Vielfaches der Lizenzgebühren. Der amerikanische Dienstleister Rimini Street verspricht Abhilfe - und findet damit auch in Europa immer mehr Kunden:Mehr Servicequalität bei einer Reaktionszeit von 15 Minuten und sofortigen Fixes bringen Rimini Street ein stetes Vertrauenswachstum.

Oracle-Anwender bemängeln Support-Qualität


Nachdem Oracle im Frühjahr den deutschen Support dicht gemacht und nach Rumänien verlagert hat, bekommt der US-Konzern nun die Quittung. Anwender geben der Supportqualität deutlich schlechtere Noten als noch vor zwei Jahren, wie eine aktuelle Umfrage der DOAG gezeigt hat.

ERP Customers at Crossroads


Some of the world’s leading brands run ERP software, but they are at a crossroads with their software strategy. Rimini Street President Sebastian Grady discusses the alternative options CIOs can choose from today, including the move to independent support.

Budget busters: Three ways for CIOs to fund digital initiatives


Businesses want IT to innovate, but CIOs find their budgets are frozen. NCI Building Systems left Oracle support and bought a third-party contract from Rimini Street. The company used the $500K savings from Rimini Street to fund an ecommerce site that is now generating $60m revenue stream for the company.

How BrightSource found the funds to invest in hybrid IT


BrightSource Energy switched from vendor to Rimini Street support for four Oracle products including Oracle EBS, Database, Fusion Middleware and Agile PLM products. The savings enabled BrightSource Energy to invest in a Hybrid IT architecture, mixing on-premises with cloud-based solutions.

ERP Customers at Crossroads


With CIOs at crossroads with their software strategy, what are their options? Rimini Street President Sebastian Grady discusses the alternative options ERP customers have today including moving to independent support in his latest byline.

High cost and lack of value drive some SAP customers to third-party support


An increasing number of SAP customers think they are no longer getting value from the high cost they pay for SAP support and are moving to third-party support providers. Rimini Street clients EBSCO and Color Spot discuss how their switch from vendor to Rimini Street support has resulted in overall better support at half the cost.

Precision toolmaker drills down on PeopleSoft costs


Specialist manufacturer Kyocera SGS Precision Tools opted to cut its software maintenance costs in half by ending its contract with Oracle and switching to third-party software support provider Rimini Street in October 2013. This allowed Kyocera SGS to focus on shopfloor innovation while turning to Rimini Street to support its back-office PeopleSoft ERP.

Rimini Street opens Melbourne office to support growing client base


Rimini Street has opened a new office in Melbourne in response to the growing demand for its independent enterprise software services. The Company has grown its customer base in the region by 109 per cent year over year, and is now supporting 88 global organizations with operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Rimini Street invests in growing A/NZ demand for Oracle & SAP


Rimini Street continues to grow its investments in Australia and New Zealand in order to meet the growing demands for the Company’s enterprise software support for Oracle and SAP licensees. CIO of George Weston Foods (GWF) says “Engaging Rimini Street has enabled GWF to substantially lower the ongoing cost of ownership for our on-premises SAP applications.”

Brexit Should Speed Up Digital Transformation Not Slow It Down


Brexit has forced change in the leadership of the county, which also means the critical policy document for the Government’s Digital Strategy has been stalled. In this byline article, Rimini Street UK Public Sector Expert Peter Dunn explains why this is right time to implement digital transformation initiatives, setting the stage for establishing the UK as a global leader in digital public services.

What’s going on with Oracle’s Blue Stack support for JD Edwards customers?


Rimini Street’s Ray Grigsby talks about the changes ahead for JD Edwards customers running on the Oracle supported ‘Blue Stack.’ In this Q&A, Grigsby explores several customer options for these upcoming changes including choosing between Oracle and IBM for hardware support, or switching to independent software support services and taking back control of their JD Edwards application strategy.

Seizing control of ERP costs to drive innovation


IT leaders gathered in Sydney for a roundtable to discuss their ERP platform environments and future roadmaps. Discussions included the move to a ‘hybrid’ infrastructure model and whether large software companies such as Oracle are pushing their customers to the cloud, and SAP to its HANA database.

South Korea next local market opportunity for Rimini Street


Rimini Street has opened its local office in Gangnam District, Seoul, and is supporting 25 clients with South Korean operations, including NCH Corporation, Transaction Network Services and EBSCO. Sangyoul Kim was appointed to the newly created role of country manager, South Korea, and will be responsible for leading growth and development in the region.

Oracle looks to lock-in JD Edwards users


This article looks at the impact of Oracle’s decision to stop supporting JD Edwards EnterpriseOne IBM Technology Foundation (“Blue Stack”) on September 30, 2016. Through a Q&A with Rimini Street’s Managing Director of Europe Jill Harrison, the article outlines the available options as Oracle moves away from supporting “Blue Stack.”

Blue Stack Deadline Looms for JD Edwards Shops


IT Jungle details the options JD Edwards customers running “Blue Stack” will face when Oracle stops supporting this middleware. One option is to select a third-party support provider such as Rimini Street to get the required technical expertise.

Rimini Street accelerates growth in Q2 FY2016


Rimini Street does it again, blowing out its Q2 FY 2016 revenue numbers and showing acceleration in 3PM! In this article, Diginomica discusses Rimini Street’s recent ‘good times’ including its $125 million funding round and Q2 FY 2016 revenue of $39.1 million, up 41% year over year.

Why Oracle and SAP customers should take a walk down Rimini Street


In this article and video interview, iTWire reviews independent support, reporting that Rimini Street “helps businesses cope with, and defeat, the high cost blockage of enterprise software maintenance fees charged by Oracle and SAP.” The article includes a link to a video interview with Andrew Powell, Managing Director Asia Pacific and the Middle East for Rimini Street, who talks about the future of the ERP software market in APAC.

Rimini Street to support SAP HANA


Inside SAP reports that Rimini Street can provide support for both Oracle and SAP HANA databases over a 15-year period, allowing customers to choose a single provider to support their entire SAP environment.

ERP solutions need a hybrid approach


In a byline article from the Managing Director of Rimini Street’s Asia Pacific and Middle East, Andrew Powell discusses the tech landscape today and its shift away from a “one-stop shop to a hybrid model.” Powell discusses how organizations can adapt a hybrid IT strategy that allows for greater flexibility, avoids vendor lock-in and helps to maximize ROI from existing on-premise ERP apps.

Rimini Street moves to support SAP HANA


In this article, ZDNet reports on Rimini Street’s latest move to support SAP HANA and highlights the growth of the Company’s SAP support business. “The move highlights how the third-party support vendor can move up to the latest applications…Given HANA is one of SAP’s flagship products, Rimini’s move to offer support costs at a 50 percent lower cost could hurt the enterprise software giant.”

Rimini Street opens up a new line of attack: support for SAP HANA database


Rimini Street Support for SAP HANA marks the Company’s 12th supported product line and 3rd SAP product overall. Its global SAP support business continues to grow, with more than 200 signed clients operating in over 75 countries. In this article from diginomica, Dennis Howlett explains, “Field reports and conversations with those who have been close to customers suggests that while the sticker price savings are attractive, it is the service that makes the difference.”

SAP Nation 3.0


According to author and SAP expert Vinnie Mirchandani: “SAP’s version of ‘turnaround’ is the Wall Street version measured by whether it can sell more, rather than the customer version – can it reduce the burden they face?” SAP customers who switch to Rimini Street gain better value for their IT dollars, along with much higher quality maintenance and support.

Why Third-party Software Support Is Possible And A Good Idea


More than 1,300 organizations across the globe have made the switch to Rimini Street independent support. This article from Forbes sums up why: “Third-party support vendors such as Rimini Street and others have clearly proved third party support is not only possible for Oracle customers, but that they are enabling organizations to reduce costs, obtain improved support and position themselves for new initiatives.” Furthermore, “every year, enterprises spend millions on Oracle support…but more and more these days, companies are asking what they’re really getting for all that money, and whether they should consider alternatives.”

Can Third Party Support Really Hurt Oracle?


Forbes reports that the third-party software support market has grown into a “larger and more central threat” to Oracle’s financial future, and cites Rimini Street as the leading global provider of third-party support. CEO Seth Ravin asserts, “We have found the third-party support model fits the needs of a growing number of Oracle licensees who are eager to lower their support bills and free themselves of an unpleasant business relationship with Oracle.”

No Regrets For JDE Shop Following Move To Third-Party Support


Dean Foods CIO Brian Murphy reveals that since switching to Rimini Street, the organization was able to upgrade its EnterpriseOne system and apply the money saved on its annual maintenance costs towards a new email system. Having paid Oracle annual maintenance fees of “close to seven digits” for many years, he says, "Companies like Rimini are finding a breath of fresh air for us and delivering the same services at a cost that we feel is realistic."

Toll Group cuts ERP support costs by 50%


Logistics company Toll Group was able to save about $1 million in Oracle annual maintenance costs after making the switch to Rimini Street, reports CIO Australia. With independent support, Toll now has access to skilled, local Primary Support Engineers who support the company’s Oracle Database, Oracle EBS, Siebel and Hyperion software products, including all software customizations.

Local Oracle support staff looking for jobs: Rimini Street


As Rimini Street continues to grow its client base and support operations in ANZ, Asia-Pac and Middle East managing director Andrew Powell reveals that the Company is fielding a large number of applications from former Oracle support staff, reports Australia’s iTWire. Locally, Rimini Street has signed nine of the ASX 50, among them Asciano, CUB, Incitec Pivot and Toll Group.

Rimini Street: The Little Engine That Could


Rimini Street recently reported record fourth quarter and full year 2015 results, including 40 consecutive quarters of growth and 1,270 signed clients to date. In his post, industry expert Vinnie Mirchandani explains how Rimini Street has continued to influence the software support market “way beyond what shows on its income statement.”

Q&A: Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin


In a Q&A with Rimini Street CEO Seth Ravin, this ZDNet article highlights the Company’s recent fourth quarter and full year 2015 financial results, including full year revenue of $118 million, up 37% year over year and 40 consecutive quarters of growth. Read on for further insight into what Mr. Ravin sees as a fundamental shift in the ERP software support landscape and what organizations can expect from the leading provider of independent software support in the future.

Rising to the IT challenge


In this byline article by Rimini Street president Sebastian Grady, he writes “At a time when budgets continue to flat line, CEOs are looking to digital transformation as a crucial step to their future business success, and they expect their CIOs to pull out the proverbial IT rabbit to support this goal.” Mr. Grady further outlines how CIOs must rise to the challenge of transforming their business, including how to take control of IT systems and recognize opportunities to self-fund these initiatives during a time when IT budgets are shrinking.